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  1. Edward J. Delp HomePage
  2. Video and Image Processing Laboratory (VIPER)
  3. Avideh Zakhor's Home Page
  4. Artificial Intelligence Center - Perception Program
  5. Anurag mittal IIT chennai Home page
  6. Dan Huttenlocher's Home Page Cornell University
  7. Yaser Yacoob - University of Maryland
  8. Abhinav Gupta - Carnegie Melon University
  9. Avideh Zakhor's Home Page
  10. MPEG compression technique - Tutorial very nice
  11. Amara Wavelet page - excellent start Point
  12. People Image Analysis Consortium (Face)
  13. Face Recognition a brief Survey
  14. Ricoh Innovations - Mobile Document imaging
  15. Xu liu home page - Mobile Document Imaging
  16. Chiu-Yi Chiu home page
  17. Center of excellence document analysis and recognition
  18. Computer Vision - Texas tech university
  19. applied vision lab - texas tech university hamid sari sarraf