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Phase I Phase II


  Sl No    Website Address
1Color Correction Tutorial for PhotoShop - PhotoLinks Photography Tips
2Color Vision 1 -
3Computer Vision Source Code
4Digital Library
5Digital Photography Tutorials
6Forensic Magazine® Forensic Imaging Goes Digital
7HIPR Top Page
8Image Noise Examples and Characteristics
9Image Processing 22.5SD2
10Image Processing Fundamentals - Contents
11Image Processing Fundamentals
12 Image Processing Software, Tutorial, Medical and fuzzy
13Image Replacement through Texture Synthesis
14Image manipulation
15Introduction to image processing in Matlab 1
16Matlab File Color Image Threshold Matlab Program
17Nikon MicroscopyU Optical System and Detector Requirements for Live-Cell Imaging
18Olympus Microscopy Resource Center Digital Image Galleries
19Photo Restorations
20Quarktet Gallery 7
21Rapiscan WaveScan 200
22SpringerLink - Book Chapter
23Terahertz time-domain spectroscopy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
24The Photo Hosptial Photography, restoration and repairs
25Thermogram of a dog (From Science Photo Library)
26Towards Better than Human Capability in Diagnosing Prostate Cancer Using Infrared Spectroscopic Imaging
27Tutorial Fundamentals of Remote SensingImage interpretation & analysis - Image Enhancement
28Tutorial Images
29UV imaging opens new applications - Vision Systems Design
30Understanding Digital Camera Histograms Tones and Contrast
31University of Florida Scatter X-Ray Imaging Group




PHASE II          

  Sl No    Website Address
1 ANU -
2 Airbrush Skin Texture To Glamorize It With Photoshop  (BROKEN LINK)
3 Applied Vision Research Centre
4 Autonomy Virage Security and Surveillance
5 Binghamton University - Thomas J. Watson School of Engineering and Applied Science Videos
6 CVLAB - Computer Vision Laboratory
7Color & Imaging Lab.
8 Color Image Processing (CIP) by RL
9 Color Research
10 Communications Systems and Signal Processing Homepage
11 Computer vision research groups
12 David Taubman, Home
13 Digital painting analysis and restoration
14 Fake Photos Fake Pictures Fake Celebrities Photos
15 Handheld Products
16 Hany Farid Papers
17 Image Processing for the food industry
18 IRENE Sound Restoration
19 Image Analysis - Secure Computing Sec-C
20Image Analysis Laboratory - Purdue University
21 IsyReADeT
22 Jessica Fridrich
23 Land Info International LLC Gallery
24 Mango
25 MBA California
26  Michigan State University researcher creates system helping police to match tattoos to suspects
27 Media Integration and Communication Center - Automatic trademark detection and recognition in sports videos
28 New Home Page for the Pattern Recognition and Image Processing Lab at MSU
29 Optical Illusions - Free Picture Illusions
30Photo Fakery SPIE Newsroom
31 Photoshop Alternatives Another 14 Free Image Manipulation Tools Tools
32 Publication List
33 Queens University Belfast - ECIT - Electronics, Communications and Information Technology
34 Ren Ng
35 Research Projects EECS at UC Berkeley
36 Satellite Image Processing Products
37 Software detects obscene photos on e-mails - Sep. 20, 200
38 - Image Processing Utilities
39 Standards and Guidelines - Forensic Science Communications - April 2008
40 Ted's Photographics - The Science of Photography - Forming the Image
41 Terrametrics Agriculture Leader in Advanced Digital Image Processing
42 Tutorials on topics in 2D image analysis, computer vision
43 Wang Group Modeling Objects, Concepts, and Aesthetics in Images
44 Working Group Active Vision — Universität Koblenz-Landau
45 YXLON  - X-ray based Inspection for Surface Mount Technology
46 c-dac Research & Development - Image Processing
47 ocropus - Project Hosting on Google Code
48 photofunia Effects. Old book.


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