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I welcome you all to this website. This  has been created with an intention to have a PLATFORM where all the novice and experienced persons could share their information regarding Digital Image Processing (DIP). This would be the first and foremost step required in accomplishing greater dreams. Together we could realize this dream and make it happen.

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  •  DIP is an interdisciplinary subject, so having discussion between people from different walks of life is necessary. Net is a best tool to discuss and share ideas.

  • Each one of us would like publish their  accomplishments in the net. But creating and maintaining personal website is very time consuming

  • The Internet has lots of information, but 'lots of ' information is the sole problem. We need to sieve the content.

  • Any bit and pieces of data combined together gives really good amount of information



    Services (to be) offered

  • With  members' profile  and the content they want to share.
  • Workshop, conference schedules is  available.
  • List of journals which DIP enthusiast could approach.
  • Useful DIP related links.
  • Anything that will help the DIP community.


  • Diwakar R. Marur 02-09-2009; 18-Jun-2010